Compliance Checklist for Legal Professionals

When we are instructed to locate family on an intestacy or partial intestacy (estate value over £50k) as well as a family history report we can include the following services free
of charge:

  • Free Will Search (through Certainty) and free quotation
    for Missing Will Insurance
  • Free Distribution Schedule
  • Free Asset Search (through Landmark FAS)
  • Free Bankruptcy Check
  • Free AML/Identity checks for all heirs (through Veriphy)
  • Free insurance quote for MBI or Comfort Policy


All of our insurance quotes are free of charge. We use a broker to obtain quotations for the best policies and the best rates. We can also now offer a fully comprehensive executor/administrator indemnity product, new for 2017. Contact us for further details.

Advantages of using us to assist with intestacy:

  • Administrators are checked and verified prior to
    applying for the Oath so there should be no need to
    revoke a Grant at a later date.
  • Administrators are located for cases with no known
    kin making sure your firm is not missing out on fees.
  • All family trees are verified pre-distribution, minimising
    the risk to your clients and your firm.
  • A full compliance checklist is completed for each administrator search,
    helping mitigate risk and deliver great client care at no extra cost.


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