Administrator Check – Is Your Client Really Entitled?

Right from the start we would encourage the solicitor dealing with the matter to contact us to verify the validity of the proposed administrator to act.

An administrator might describe themselves as a first cousin or a nephew/niece but how do you know they are related in the manner they say they are?

You might have your own procedures such as interviewing the proposed administrator but is this enough?

The proposed administrator may believe they are entitled under intestacy. To avoid complications after the Oath is sworn, it could be seen as best practice to carry out a comprehensive check as soon as, or before, you
are instructed.

Even if the administrator is related to the deceased in the manner they say they are, how do you know there is not anyone closer, i.e. a prior claimant who rules out your clients’ entitlement to act?

Our FREE ADMINISTRATOR CHECK provides you with the requisite searches and paperwork that fully documents the entitlement of your client to act. 

We treat these cases with the highest priority to minimise any delays to the administration.


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