Who Cannot Inherit Under Intestacy Rules?

Depending on your circumstances you might be happy that the Intestacy Laws will split your estate and belongings in a way that is satisfactory to you. Perhaps if you are single and don’t have any children you could be content that your estate is divided up among any remaining family you may have.

But what about your friends, neighbours, carers or even charities? If you leave no valid and legal will, none of these people will have a claim to any of your estate.

If you were to have a favourite niece or nephew they could miss out on receiving anything due to the hierarchies involved in the rules.

According to the Rules of Intestacy the following people would receive nothing from your estate in the event of your death without a valid and legal will:

  • Partners – whether you have lived together since you met when you were both young,
    or whether you met recently and are still in the heady early days of love; unless you are married or
    in a civil partnership your partner will receive nothing if you die intestate.
  • Carers – anyone who has looked after you at any point in your life who is not a blood relative
    stands to receive nothing if you don’t leave a will.
  • Friends – people who you have spent your life with, or those who have looked after you at anypoint in your life; perhaps supporting you through the difficult days before your death.
  • Step-children – they might be like real children to you, but the law does not see it that way.
  • Any relations by marriage – that is to say anyone in your family with whom you do not share a direct blood link.
  • Pets – you might want all your worldly goods to go to your favourite cat / dog even if it does seem a
    little dotty to some of your friends and family, but unless you clearly state it in a legal and valid will,
    your pets will have no claim to any provision under the law.

Even if you class any of the people above as your family, they will not stand to receive anything if you die intestate.


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