Family Tree Verification

Can you rely on Family Testimony? Have you identified all entitled beneficiaries?

Family Tree Verification & Missing Heirs

A hand drawn tree may have been provided by a family member or personal representative but do you know it is correct? Are there errors or omissions? Is it documented?

Our family tree verification service is one of the most popular options selected by our clients and helps eliminate potential pitfalls and risks. This service involves a forensic check of all available records and family documents to rule out the possibility of missing heirs and beneficiaries. This results in lower insurance premiums.

In 80% of cases were we are instructed on an intestacy we find inaccuracies or omissions on the family tree. It is always recommended to have us check the full extent of the heirs prior to a distribution. Often family members tell their solicitors that there are no additional heirs but can you rely on a maternal relative to know about the paternal family, or vice versa?

As the family unit has become more fractured over time we find clients cannot be certain as to the full picture of the family. Indeed we regularly uncover family secrets.

In our experience around 80% of referrals contain inaccuracies and omissions in the family tree

You will note from the example above a number of obvious risk areas:

  • No dates or certificates – implies the tree has not been properly documented
  • Full names required
  • Incomplete branches of the tree
  • No confirmation of deaths of supposedly pre-deceased relatives
  • Have all marriages been checked to rule out multiple marriages?
  • Have all death certificates and Wills been obtained to check for evidence of missing kin?

Our Family Tree Verification Service offers security and peace of mind that all rightful heirs have been identified.

  • Free initial assessment of the family tree
  • Highlight areas of risk – errors or omissions
  • Offer various fee options for documenting the tree and locating missing heirs, if required
  • Can obtain free, brokered insurance quotes

This is our most popular service provided to Wills & Probate solicitors dealing with intestacies, partial intestacies or even class gifts in a Will.


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