Administrator Search – Do You Need An Heir To Instruct Your Firm?

Are you aware of a matter where someone has died intestate and there is no known kin to instruct you to act? Perhaps a neighbour/in-law/partner/friend of the deceased has contacted you and asked for help or a Will has failed.

At this stage you may be considering referring the matter to the Bona Vacantia department as there is no-one to give you instructions. This would mean your firm losing out on the opportunity to generate fees.

Despite there being no ‘known’ kin, in over 90% of cases there will be at least one living family member entitled under intestacy.

The solution is our free, no risk Administrator Search.

We undertake research to locate next of kin. We do this at our own risk and expense, with no cost levied against your firm at any point.

  • Statutory heir(s) located, usually within 48 hours
  • Next of kin can formally instruct your firm to act
  • Priority research service
  • Worldwide coverage

In the unlikely event that we cannot locate a statutory heir or your firm is not instructed, there is no charge to your firm.


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